nLite: Customize Your Windows Xp CD

System Requirements:

A decent computer

A Windows XP CD

.Net Framework 2.0 or 2.0 SP1 installed (Get it here:

nLite is a deployment tool for unattended Windows nt-based operating systems (Windows 2000, XP Server 2003 x64 & x86 for all of them).

With nLite you can:

Integrate Addons

Integrate drivers

Make a unattended windows cd

Remove Windows Components

Tweak Windows

Make a bootable windows cd

Integrate a Windows XP Service Pack

1.Locating the Windows XP CD

A. Put the Windows XP CD into your cd-rom drive.

B. Copy all the files and folders into a folder of your choosing in your computer

C. Load up nLite after it has finished copying

D. You will see a window that looks like this

This is what nLite will look like when you start it up

E. Click Next

F. Then a window that looks like this will pop up:

G. Hit Browse and Select your Windows Folder

H. Next it will ask for presets, just hit next.

I. Now a window will pop up that will ask you what you would like to do.

J. Select What you would like to do and then hit next.

2. Integrating a Windows XP Service Pack

A. Get the Windows Service Pack off of the Microsoft website.

B. Hit browse and choose the Service Pack.

C. Let that finish

D. Hit Next!

3. Integrating Addons/Hotfixes

A. First you will need to get the addons off of


C. Select the addons you downloaded

D. Hit Next

4. Removing Windows Components

A. Go through the list and select what you want and dont want, on the side theres a description of everything in there.

5. Unattended Install

A. Go through the tabs and fill out the neccesary information

6. Tweaks

A. This is pretty much what you want in there and this is purely your decision.

B. Hit next when you are finished

7. More Tweaks

A. Yet again, read through what you want and dont want and hit next when you finish

8. Creation

A. This next step just shows that its making the windows cd

9. Bootable CD/ISO

A. Select Direct Burn to burn it without making an image or select Make ISO to make a cd image of it.

nLite is fairly easy and user friendly.


nLite website :

Other Guides for Windows XP CD’s


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