OpenSUSE 11.0 vs Ubuntu 8.04

First things first I will give a description of both distros

OpenSUSE is a Novell based, Linux distrobution that focuses on user-interface, package-management, and user-friendliness. It gives you a decision between Gnome and KDE or you can download the dvd containing both.

Ubuntu is a linux distrobution based on Debian. It uses Gnome as its primary desktop enviroment and it has over 25,000 packages in its apt-get repository.

OpenSUSE 11.0

  • Looks Great
  • LiveCD only uses about 450mb of ram (Gnome)
  • Gnome version by default only uses 150mb of ram
  • Uses YaST & Smart as Package Management (RPM)
  • Stable
  • Choice of LiveDVD Containing Both Gnome & KDE or LiveCD in which you choose Gnome or KDE
  • Made by a professional Linux company


  • More KDE Oriented (Not a con to everyone)
  • Has a substantially less amount of packages than Ubuntu
  • Not as big of a userbase as Ubuntu
  • Slow Package Mirror

Ubuntu 8.04


  • Great Package Management
  • Debian Based (Not a pro to everyone)
  • Great Pre-Installed Applications
  • Very User-Friendly
  • Great Documentation & Support (Free & Paid)
  • Most Popular Linux Distro out there


  • Font’s aren’t good looking without a bit of tweaking
  • Can be slow compared to OpenSUSE 11.0
  • Default Package Mirror is slow but, you can go to software sources and pick the fastest mirror
  • Resets settings to files like /etc/sudoers to default ones

And the Winner is:

Thats for you to decide


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