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Sidux vs Slackware

Sidux is the Debian Unstable repository made into a Linux Distrobution and it uses XFCE & KDE as it’s main desktop enivroment

Slackware is the oldest living distrobution of Linux that uses KDE as it’s main desktop enviroment



  • Huge Amount of Packages (A little over 25,000)
  • Easy Package Management (Apt-Get, Synaptic, Aptitude Dpkg)
  • Customizable
  • All Open-Source Programs (Default Installed)
  • LiveCD that installs in 4:03 on my computer (XFCE)
  • 160mb of ram usage (Gnome, nothing opened except Pidgin)
  • You can use for support because the two distros are fairly similar
  • Fast Boot Time (20-30 seconds)


  • Contrib and Non-Free Repositories are not added by default
  • Sidux itself doesn’t have a big userbase
  • Can be unstable

Slackware 12.1


  • Very Very Very Fast
  • KDE 3.5.9 (A Con to some people (me being one of them))
  • Great Installer
  • Pretty Fast Install Time
  • Uses Lilo


  • Requires quite a bit of setup
  • Looks like crap
  • Fonts look like crap
  • Sometimes ALSA breaks (Happend to me)
  • Package Management is no fun

And The Winner is… Sidux!