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Leopard OS X 10.5.2 AMD

Hello Again

This is a review of OS X (Zephyroths) on AMD


So first I burn it then I reboot and boot from the cd and I get a window having a read/write error. I google it and it turns out this copy of osx86 doesn’t support my cdrom drive. So I grab my hardrive and the cd unplug my sisters hardrive, plug mine in and then put the cd in and then I boot from it. It had no read/write error and I selected all my drivers. The install took about an hour because my sisters computers slow. After the install it just shut down.

First Boot

So, then I hooked it all up and boot from it. I find that after a good part of the first boot setup screen that it wont let me choose my apple id. So, I made a new one and I booted. Leopard’s fast and I mean fast. It also is super stable and hasn’t crashed on me yet. Now I go to install Paragon NTFS (For my external hardrive), macports, xcode, adium, and firefox. Everything installed successfully except for X11 SDK and MacPorts binaries wasn’t copied to /usr/bin and I can’t find where it was copied to.

Actual Usage

I had to reinstall X11 SDK and it still won’t work and I cannot compile wine, macports , or any other linux application on OS X. This is a big problem because I use a lot of different linux programs. Even on windows I use linux programs like:

  • Pidgin
  • Windows GCC
  • Mono (When I’m to lazy to install .net framework)

How it Looks

Leopard is a very unique and colorful design but,  I find that it is somewhat gpu intensive. For example whenever I run OS X on my computer I hear my gpu fan going at full speed or high speed. With Windows XP it’s generally almost silent unless it’s really hot in my room or i’m playing a game. One thing that I find in Linux that’s very anoying is where instead of people making their own theme, everyone ports Vista, Tiger, and Leopard themes to Gnome & KDE.

Package Management

One thing with any operating system I like to have is good package management. With Leopard it’s either an installer or drag and drop. With the installer it’s fast but I dont understand why they use .pkg instead of rpm or other, more popular package management. Apple’s OS is very fast and I like it.


Leopard is known for not having good gaming. This is true. Very few games work for Leopard natively (Most of the Blizzard Games and not much else). Although, most don’t run natively you can always run either bootcamp or CrossOver Games. CrossOver Games is the user-friendly port of wine to OS X (It’s also on Linux but its a lot less popular on Linux then on OS X). Wine ( is a compatibility layer that lets you run windows applications on Unix based operating systems. I would advise to use normal wine over CrossOver because it has more support for programs but, you have to compile it and compiling for a new user is very difficult. Leopard has very few games support.

Note: Virtual Machines run very few games and when they do it runs very poorly. For Gaming I would not reccemend a virtual machine unless your playing like soliataire.


Leopard is a fast, state of the art, and very colorful operating system. I reccomend it for anyone who wants to use an operating system without having any trouble at all. If you don’t play a lot of games then go with Leopard

My Computer Specs:

  • AMD Atholon 64 X2 3800+ Socket 939
  • 4x256mb of Ram (Soon to be 2x1gb 2x256mb)
  • PNY 7600gt (Discontinued)
  • 80gb IDE 5400rpm drive (I run leopard and linux distros on this one)
  • 37gb SATA 10k Rpm (I run xp on this)
  • 320gb External SATA HDD (My Storage Drive)
  • GA-K8N-SLI (nForce 4 SLI AMD)
  • 500 watt PSU
  • Razor Diamondback Mouse
  • BTC 6300cl keyboard