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Vista: Good or Bad?

Windows Vista is the Windows release that came out a few years ago. It features a very nice ui an a bigger install. This is my personal opinion on Vista.

The Good:

  • Great Looking
  • Has some cool new things (Performance Counter, Windows Defender, Various Fixes from XP
  • Much Much more user-friendly installation
  • More Drivers Pre-Installed
  • EFI Support
  • Shinier Desktop (I think its a little too shiny)
  • Linux is better.

The Cons:

  • Takes up a LOT more ram (about 256-756mb of more ram than XP)
  • Longer Installer (IMO)
  • Takes a bit to get used to
  • Nothing really “Revolutionary” about it

Windows Vista is good if you have 2.5gb or more of memory, if not then stick with XP or a GNOME Linux Distro (Uses 150mb of ram with nothing opened)

The Conclusion:

So far, Vista has only had two good benefits

One being that it greatly reduced the price of ram

Two being that it has a great ui

If you really want your desktop to look good and you have the memory for it, go for it but if not, wait for Windows 7 or get more ram.


If you do have SP1 then you must get it, it has numeruos performance improvements and bugfixes!