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Ubuntu 8.10: Inrepid Ibex (Beta) Review

The new Ubuntu is coming out in about a week and a half (at the time of posting) and I noticed there isnt very many reviews on it so I thought I would give it ago. I will start out with the looks

The Looks

Ubuntu’s looks hasn’t changed too much but it does have a very nice new wallpaper and comes with a non-default different looking theme. It also has a new gdm theme but its nothing special.

The Intrepid Ibex Default Desktop

Speed and Usability

Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex is definitly no resource hog. By Default it uses roughly 200mb of ram and very little cpu. With this being the case, Ubuntu is great for systems with 512mb of memory (Depending on what you do) or more. I would not reccommend anything less than that otherwise you may experience severe frusteration.

Ubuntu’s ease of use hasn’t changed that much. The only thing that really has changed is the restricted drivers prompt as, its a little more detailed and advanced. What makes Ubuntu the most popular linux desktop is its package management. With the latest release it gives you quite a bit more packages and they are all updated. Personally, so far its not too much different from Hardy Heron but its just updated.

The Core

Here is where things truely change, every major update. Ubuntu 8.10 sports the latest and greatest kernel 2.6.27-7 by default and its looking better than ever. In my past experiences I have had graphics driver problems (I have a PNY 7600gt) and none with this. I easily installed nvidia-glx-173. It also comes with Xorg 7.4 which so far I haven’t noticed any differences other than me being able to use my extra mouse button to go back. It also feels somehow faster or cleaner I’m not sure which. One thing that it is lacking is nice fonts by default. I had to follow the guide on:

With using config file because the links is dead on their website.


The new Ubuntu is definitly worth upgrading but, it’s not something revolutionary. It’s a little cleaner and faster but other than that not much changed.